iSolitare Serta

Matras dari brand "SERTA" USA 

Blending a touch of classic and modern design, iSolitaire™ is made of the finest materials that shine true elegance.  The excellence of this mattress not only sparks from its sheer beauty, but also from its comforting support features. The smart combination of pocket on pocket technology, Super Pillow Top® and latex layer, works correspondently with memory foam to create a night of splendorous delight.

Matras iSolitare berkarakteristic dengan :

- Feel : Medium  

- Mattress Thickness : 43 cm

Comfort Layer : Pure Silk Viscose Jacquard, Wool, Super Pillow Top® + Euro Top, Double Latex Layer, Smart Foam Guard

Support Layer : Pocket on Pocket Technology, Foam Encasement