Sanctuary Serta

Matras dari brand "SERTA" USA 

“After the frenzy of everyday living, seek comfort  in your personal sanctuary” 

The Ultimate Retreat

Designed to provide pressure-relief, comfort and support exactly where your body needs it, Sanctuary™ is the ultimate indulgence in sleep comfort.

The top layer of the mattress is made of a sumptuous HeavenlyFell™ viscotech layer that will hug your entire body in total comfort. Underneath is a thick core of natural latex for support. The mattress is covered with a NaturalFit™ ergonomic Belgium knit to provide a soft and cool surface.

The result, a deeply relaxing night's sleep, body and mind renewal and kick start to a productive and enjoyable day.

Matras Sanctuary berkarakteristic dengan :

- NaturalFitTm Ergonomic Belgium Knit

- HeavenlyFeel Tm Viscotech

- 5 Zoning Natural Latex Core

- Fresssh! Guarantee

- Airflow Tm Technology

- Edge Support